About the AAAwards

    What are the American Advertising Awards?

    The American Advertising Awards is a three-tiered advertising competition beginning with the local club competition then advancing to the district competition and then the national competition. The competition attracts over 35,000 entries from local clubs across the country. Entrants first compete with entrants in their local advertising club. Winners from this competition then compete with winning entries from clubs within their district. Winners from the district competition then move on to the national competition and compete with winners from across the country.

    Who is eligible to enter?

    Anyone dealing with advertising is eligible to enter. Entrants do not need to be a member of their local club however their fees will be higher than the member fess so it is good to consider becoming a member of the local club. Entrants need to keep in mind that this is an advertising competition and all entries must contain some form of advertising.

    There is a competition for professionals as well as a student competition for students enrolled in an accredited higher education institution.

    What is the judging process?

    There are three phases to the competition and the first is the local Ad Club phase. All across the country, local entrants enter to win ADDY Awards and recognition as the best in their markets. During the second phase, local ADDY winners compete against winners from other local clubs in one of 15 district competitions. District ADDY winners are then forwarded the national stage.

    Clubs will select a minimum of three judges, more for larger clubs. Judges are selected from outside the marketplace so they are not familiar with the local entrants. Judges are selected with different backgrounds; art direction, broadcast, copywriting, digital/interactive so that all elements of the entry are covered. The award is called an ADDY and clubs will award Gold and Silver ADDYs and some will award Bronze ADDYs. Entries are judged on their own merit and not against one another.

    Judging and Scoring

    During the scoring process a panel of judges evaluates all creative dimensions of every entry. A Gold ADDY is recognition of the highest level of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in the category. Entries that are also considered outstanding and worthy of recognition receive a Silver ADDY. The number of awards given in each category is determined by the judges, based on the relative quality of work in that category.

    Judges may also award Best of Show and Special Judges Awards.

    Why enter the American Advertising Awards?

    Entries in the American Advertising Awards helps support the local clubs allowing them to provide workshops and speakers to keep members informed of industry trends and help them in their professions. Winning an ADDY is recognition of outstanding work in the industry by your peers. ADDY awards go a long way when seeking new clients and business. And they are a great addition to that resume. And for students they are a must for their portfolio. And besides, everyone likes a little bling.