Aaawards Entry

    Show Us Your Stuff

    Visit our AAAwards website, and register as an entrant. Review the category list to find where your work should compete, and follow the simple drop-down menus to enter your information. Make sure you credit the members of your creative team so that they will be recognized properly in press releases and other AAF winner publications.

    All entries have to be submitted in its finished physical form and electronically, through our website. We will supply all entrants with bags for each entry. The bags have a poster in them with a breakdown of rules and a shortlist of everything you need to collect for each entry.


    2018 Cost of Entries

    Professional Entries

    Student Entries

    Member, Single Entry — $65

    Single Entry — $40

    Member, Campaign Entry — $115

    Campaign Entry — $60

    Non-member, Single Entry — $85


    Non-member, Campaign Entry — $135

    Rule Book (Professional) Rule Book (Student)